Projeto de Perto


Projeto de Perto is a unique business because we are able to fulfill a wide range of client needs. We are certified in providing consulting in the areas of interior design, real estate brokerage as well as, rental management and maintenance. In addition, we are partners with engineers, architects, designers and contractors. All of our projects are negotiated with suppliers in bulk, optimizing the final cost and delivery time. This is the ideal for clients who do not have a lot of time, who live in other cities or even in foreign countries. Our goal is to understand every aspect of our client’s demands in relation to style, budget, and timing. These three elements correlate into the "spirit of the project", creating a unique project every single time.


Projeto de Perto makes every effort to understand, fulfill client expectations in every project. This is our main focus and the reason for over 70% of new our clients resulted from client recommendation.